Why choose The VCG Group?


The VCG Group has been serving clients across North America as a leading financial protection company since 1978. We provide credit guarantees and cheque guarantees to companies in all industries.

Our state of the art computer system allows us to serve you 24 hours a day, wherever you are in North America. Our extensive database of corporate credit information is updated continuously to ensure you have the most accurate and reliable information on all your accounts.


The VCG Group has over 100 employees who have spent many years developing their expertise in credit-risk assessment. Accountability and confidentiality are paramount in every service that The VCG Group provides.

The VCG Group’s Canadian Head Office is located in Thornhill, Ontario, one of Canada’s fastest growing commercial areas. We also have offices in Vancouver, British Columbia and Montreal, Quebec allowing us to provide local support services nationwide.

Our program is easy, straightforward and reliable: 

No deductibles

No hidden fees

No cancellation fees

No fees for approving new customers

No fees for increasing your existing customers’ lines of credit

Simple contract

Option to exclude blue chip accounts

100% confidentiality