Guarantee Your Receivables Today

Veri-Cheque’s Accounts Receivable Guarantee Program helps you increase your sales by granting higher guaranteed credit limits to your new and existing customers. Once our guarantee is in place, you no longer bear any risk of customer non-payment resulting from bankruptcy, or delinquency.

We give you the confidence and the credit resources you need to expand your business to anywhere in Canada, or the United States.

Getting started is easy. We evaluate your existing customer base and then set-up pre-approved credit limits for your accounts.  The line of credit that we establish for each of your accounts is based on their activity with you and their overall credit worthiness. We also allow you to exclude large “no-risk” accounts from your portfolio, which saves you fees.

For new accounts, simply fax or email us a credit application and we will respond with an approval within 24 hours.

Veri-Cheque’s Restriction List plays a valuable role in weeding out trouble accounts.  You will benefit from over 30 years of accumulated credit data, captured first-hand from over 3,000 clients nationwide.

Contact us today for more information about our customized services and rates.

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