INCREASE your sales by raising existing credit limits and opening up new accounts, worry-free. With Guaranteed Receivables increasing your sales is risk-free because your payment concerns are eliminated.

EXPAND your market territory to anywhere in Canada and the United States.

AVOID tough credit decisions by allowing our expert credit managers to make them for you. Every credit decision we make on your behalf carries the Veri-Cheque Guarantee.

ENJOY the peace of mind in knowing that if your customers fail to pay you, we will.

STRENGTHEN your position at your bank. The management of risk in your receivables will be a key area that any Banker will review when assessing a credit application. Having Guaranteed Receivables provides your Banker with additional security.

PREVENT cash flow shortages caused by late payment and non-payment.

ELIMINATE your bad debt losses.

Does a Collection Agency Guarantee Payment of Your Receivable? No.
But Veri-Cheque Guarantees that You’ll be Paid…Everytime.

When you sign up for Veri-Cheque’s Accounts Receivable Guarantee Program Your Bad Debts will be Eliminated.