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  • Canada’s Economic Outlook is Improving – A Few Hurdles Yet to Overcome

    Are we getting close to turning the corner on this prolonged recession and slow recovery that has hammered our economy for the past four years? That’s a question so many business owners are asking. Our country’s economic outlook has brightened since the start of this year as the U.S. recovery gains strength boosting confidence among […]

  • Sell Aggressively but Prudently!

    There has been up and down financial news over the past month. The good news is 43,000 jobs were created in January according to figures released by Stats Canada this past Friday. The bad news is jobs are still scare even as the economy recovers. Part-time employment formed the lion’s share of January’s increase, with […]

  • National Bank Economic Outlook Report-November 2011

    Veri-Cheque recently attended the National Bank Economic Outlook Conference for November 2011.  Here are the highlights of this years slide-show.  Lots of valuable information contained.  

  • Canadian Retailers Getting a Jump Start on the Holiday Season

    If you take a walk through any major shopping complex, you’ll notice Canadian retailers are rolling out Christmas merchandise earlier than ever before to get a jump start on the holiday season. November and December retail sales represent the most critical period of the year for retailers and often account for 20 percent or more […]

  • Showdown in Washington and What the Future Holds for Canadian Businesses

    It’s surreal to watch the economic and political warfare going on in Washington over the past few months as the US grapples with its debt crisis. The US government has never missed a payment on any of its debt obligations. There is little time for the US politicians to reach a settlement before August 2, […]

  • The Clock is Ticking for Canadian Consumers Struggling

    Canadians have been very fortunate these past two years as Canada’s economy has done very well post recession. Employment has returned to pre-crisis levels largely due to the demand from emerging economies’ for raw materials that has been holding the economy up. The GDP has recovered more quickly than those of other major world economies. […]

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